A history of invention, a future of innovation

Creative thinking combined with engineering expertise. This is how we turn the big ideas into the practical solutions that help our customers meet the essential challenges of maintaining the safety of their people and protecting the services on which we all depend. This philosophy has been embedded in the DNA of Chloride throughout our 75 year history and embodies our strategy for the future.


Our Vice President of Marketing, Elena Chernetsova takes a look at how Chloride technology has helped to provide the power, that has empowered the visionaries to build the industries that have shaped the modern world.

The story of Chloride is bound together by the threads of innovation.

At the turn of the last century, as the world’s favoured form of transport changed from 4 legs to 4 wheels, Chloride was developing some of the first electrically rechargeable vehicle batteries. Many years later it was, again, Chloride technology that would provide the power to an iconic symbol of public transportation – the first electricred London Bus.

This vision to see beyond the frontier, to push at boundaries and breakdown barriers saw the company evolve its technology and elevate its portfolio by moving into the manufacture of industrial Uninterruptable Power Supply systems. Today we have installed over 70,000 UPS systems in more than 150 countries around the world, safeguarding people and protecting critical and valuable assets.

Our industrial UPS systems can be found in the heaviest of heavy industries and operate insome of the most demanding environments found on the planet–power hungry cities, frozen landscapes, sun-baked plains and perilous oceans. As each installation poses different challenges that must be met, our Research and Development team design each UPS system as a custom configured unique solution, meeting customers’ exact specifications and turning the conceptual into the reality.

With over 90 people in our R&D Labs throughout Europe, we have acommitment to innovation, a depth of knowledge and a wealth of experience that enables us to uncover the discoveries and engineer to advance the future of industrial UPS technology. From next generation, fully recyclable molten-salt batteries, to intuitive touchscreen HMI controls, to modular easy-to-replace component-based system design, we are continually listening toour customers and always innovating to deliver.

Just as it has been innovations in science and technology that has created the world we live in today, it will be innovations in renewable energy that changes the world for a better tomorrow by transitioning to clean sources of power. Innovation draws on the lessons learned in the past to seize the opportunities of the future and we are committed tosupporting our customers and investing in our people, to continue our history of innovation and build a sustainable world for us all.