The existential imperative of energy transition

The imperative to slow climate change is an immediate and critical ultimation for the world, posing an existential threat that will only be met by the reduction of toxic carbon emissions and the increase of clean, sustainable energy sources.

Since the Accord de Paris in 2015 – ratified by almost all major carbon emitters–there has been a multilateral commitment to limit the long-term global temperature increases caused by carbon emissions. This has seen the eyes of the world turn to the energy generation industries, challenging them to step up and take the lead in the discovery of new solutions that both slow climate change and meet the world’s ever increasing energy demands.

From power generation plants to power transmission and distribution providers. From essential water treatment plants to rail transport networks, our clients represent the heaviest of heavy industries and are found in over 150 countries across the world. Just as they are committed to the journey to energy transition, we are committed to supporting them to build a cleaner, sustainable world for us all.

A little over 2 years have now passed since we became an independent company. While a lot has changed since we were formed, our core values of sustainable innovation and environmental responsibility remain embedded in our DNA. Our Vice President of Marketing, Elena Chernetsova takes a look at how we are putting these values into action across the business.

Our Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) systems are designed for decades of service and built to operate in the most demanding of environments. Precision engineered for long term performance reliability, servicing simplicity and end-of-life disposal, all of our products are developed for complete lifecycle management. The best available energy saving technologies are incorporated into our systems to optimise consumption and minimise CO2 emissions, and their modular design enables components to be easily replaced, extending operation by 10 to 15 years.

With manufacturing facilities located in both France and Slovakia, we operate best-in-class environmental production processes, from supply chain to factory floor to waste management. Diligent regulatory compliance and ongoing development of working practices – including a goal of complete end-to-end digitalisation – encourage continued improvements and ensure the highest standards will always be maintained.

Our ambition of building a fully sustainable industrial manufacturing business, that becomes recognised as a socially responsible corporate citizen, is a vision shared by our 400 colleagues. It is their passion, energy and expertise that will continue to drive us forward, honouring our commitments and respecting our responsibilities on the journey to energy transition.